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At McDowell Wellness Center, we understand that fitness is a personal journey and we are committed to offering a wide range of group fitness classes to meet the needs of all our members. Our instructors are trained and certified in specific fitness areas to deliver the latest exercise trends and techniques.

Fitness Studio Classes: We offer a variety of land-based group fitness classes for all fitness levels, whether you are a fitness newcomer or a seasoned athlete. Our classes include R.I.P.P.E.D, Insanity, Zumba, Turbo Kick Live, Kettlebell Amp’d, Pilates, Yoga, and PIYO.

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  • Pilates: Strengthen your core, increase flexibility, and improve balance.
  • Cardio Drumming: A fun and sweat-inducing workout using stability balls and drumsticks to the latest music.
  • Gentle Yoga: Restore your body and mind with this all-level, gentle yoga class that focuses on traditional postures to increase flexibility, mobility, and strength.
  • Basic Step-N-Tone: A beginner-friendly cardio and toning class.
  • Killer-Abs: A class for all levels that targets the core.
  • Tabata: High-intensity interval training that combines 20 seconds of movement with 10 seconds of rest.
  • Zumba: Latin dance-inspired cardio workout that burns up to 700 calories.
  • Cardio Hip Hop/Body Beatz: These Hip Hop classes will sure get your heart pumping with all the fun hip hop dance moves mixed with cardio intensity moves as well…you will be sweating non stop…
  • R.I.P.P.E.D.: R- RESISTANCE I-INTERVALS P-POWER P-PLYOMETRICS E-ENDURANCE D-DIET:  it’s the ONE STOP BODY SHOCK where you can burn off up to 700+ calories☺….this is a total body workout at which you will be using weights and resistant bands in class with a mix of kickboxing  core training and stretch at the end.  FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS!!!  
  • The Blend: A combination of Kettlebell AMPD and R.I.P.P.E.D. for a full-body workout.
  • Pound: A cardio jam session inspired by drumming that gets your heart pumping.
  • SilverSneakers Muscular Strength and Range of Movement: A class that uses hand-held weights, elastic tubing, and a ball to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living. A chair is used for seated and/or standing support.
  • KETTLEBELL AMPD:  KB AMPD is a high energy class with moves that enhance your strength and flexibility.  FOR ALL LEVELS OF FITNESS!!
  • SilverSneakers®Stability:    Get Stronger and improve your balance through exercises that strengthen the ankle, knee and hip joints all in a fun and social setting.  This class is designed specifically for all prevention.(CLASS HELD IN CLASS ROOM)
  • Totally Toned: This class for all fitness levels is a mix of light weight training and conditioning.

Water Classes: Working out in the water offers many benefits, such as being gentle on the joints, making it suitable for pregnant women, or anyone who simply enjoys the water. Our aqua fitness classes are for people of all fitness levels and include Aqua Arthritis, Silver Splash, Aqua Insanity, and Deep Water.

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  • Aqua Surprise: A total body workout that is recommended for all levels of fitness. This class has a mix of all classes that we offer in the pool. Aquatic shoes are recommended.
  • Aqua Tabata: A water version of land Tabata, with interval training 8 sets of 20 sec movement and 10 sec of rest. This class is for all levels of fitness and shoes are recommended.
  • Aqua Mix: A total body workout that is recommended for all intensity levels. Aquatic shoes are highly recommended.
  • Aqua Dance: A class that will get you dancing with aquatic moves to the latest hits on the radio.
  • Deep H2O: This class is held in the deep end of the pool and is suitable for those who need no impact to their joints. This class is for all fitness levels and belts can be used if needed.
  • Aqua Arthritis: Offers fun and shallow/deep water moves to improve agility, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. No swimming ability is required. A special kickboard is used to develop strength, balance and coordination. The 5:30 PM Tuesday/Thursday class will be held in shallow and deep of the pool.
  • Swimming Lessons: Our American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim program is taught at various times throughout the year by certified instructors.

Cycling Classes: Our indoor cycling classes focus on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery, taught on state-of-the-art Keiser Spin Bikes in a classroom setting. Our regular Spin classes are 1 hour long. We also offer Spin & HIIT classes which are 45 minutes and alternate intervals on the bike with floor exercises.

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Senior Classes: We understand that fitness needs may change as we age, and we offer land and water classes designed specifically for our senior members or other members who may have arthritis or other limitations in strength and range of motion. These classes include P.A.C.E and Silver Sneakers classes, as well as versions of some of our land classes in the water. These classes are incorporated in our Group Fitness and Aquatics Class Schedules, which you can access through the links provided above. We strive to provide an inclusive and accommodating range of classes to meet the needs of all our members, regardless of age or fitness level. We hope that you will find a class that suits you and your goals.