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At McDowell Wellness Center, we understand that achieving optimal health and wellness often requires a holistic approach that addresses both physical fitness and nutrition. That’s why we offer Nutrition Counseling and Health Coaching services to help promote lifestyle change. Our registered dietitian can assist with a wide range of health and nutritional concerns, including weight management, sports nutrition, pre- and post-natal nutrition, disease management and prevention, childhood nutrition, and general wellness.

As a member of McDowell Wellness Center, you will receive a complimentary 15-minute simple nutrition assessment and basic meal plan.

For a more detailed and personalized assessment and counseling, we offer a 1-hour consultation for $40, which includes supportive written materials, including meal planning, preparation, recipes, etc.

For those looking for ongoing support, we also offer a Nutrition Coaching Package that includes weekly 15-minute sessions for weigh-in, review of food records, and coaching. These frequent follow-ups are designed to provide more extensive education, support, reinforcement and accountability to help you meet your goals. The package costs $30 per month for MWC members and $60 per month for non-members.

Please note that we are unable to accept insurance or other third-party payment at this time. Appointments can be scheduled with Member Services. If you are unable to meet for a paid consultation during the allotted times, you may contact our registered dietitian, Janet Fluty directly at (859) 936-7225 or email