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2022 Holiday Challenge

Survive the holidays with no weight gain by joining our Holiday Challenge!

Register with our online registration form or pick up a hard copy at McDowell Wellness Center.

Weigh in at the beginning (October 24-28), in the middle (November 28-December 2), and at the end (January 2-6) of the challenge. The goal is to not gain weight but we will allow 2 pounds to accommodate for hydration and clothing differences

Scan-in at McDowell Wellness Center at least 3 times a week for at least 9 of the weeks.

Complete 6 Holiday Healthy Selfie challenges.

Special 11-week ($60) temporary membership rate available for non-members who participate in the challenge.

Sign up for emails for weekly tips and ideas for preventing weight gain, workout suggestions and recipes

$15 Challenge t-shirts must be pre-ordered and will be available by the midpoint of the challenge.

Complete the challenge and be placed in a drawing for several prizes including one month memberships, three free training sessions and a nutrition consultation.

Holiday Healthy Selfie Challenges (Complete 6)

(Post selfie on our Facebook Event Page or your own Instagram or Facebook page with #MWCHolidayChallenge and tag Janet Fluty, Ann Mosley or Dee Minor and/or email to

  • Prepare a new, healthy dish
  • Try a new fitness class
  • Workout with weights
  • Work up a good sweat! (sweaty selfie)
  • Make good choices at a restaurant
  • Bring a healthy dish to share at a party, gathering or work
  • Selfie of your choice